Academic Warning and Probation

Academic Warning

An academic warning is given to students at the end of any fall or spring semester when they earn a GPA of 1.00–1.99 for that semester. If a student receives a GPA below 2.00 in future semesters after that, he or she could be placed on academic probation the following semester.

Students who receive an academic warning are encouraged to develop a plan for academic improvement in consultation with their academic advisor or the Academic Success Center. The academic warning is not a part of the student’s permanent academic record.


Academic Probation

Academic Probation designates a period of time where a student is warned that satisfactory academic progress is not being made. During this period the student must meet a set of conditions in order to remain at Iowa State.

Students who are placed on academic probation immediately should seek assistance in academic improvement from such sources as academic advisors, instructors, the Academic Success Center, and the University Tutoring Office.

Students on academic probation who do not meet the minimum requirements will be dismissed from enrollment in the university.

Academic Intervention Self-Assessment Tool

The Academic Success Center offers an academic intervention self-assessment tool for students placed on academic warning or probation.

More Information

For more information on academic warning or academic probation, consult the ISU Catalog or the Dean of Students office.