Completion Requirements/Graduation

Each degree candidate is responsible for initiating the Request for Final Examination by submitting to the ECpE Student Services Office the date, time and place of the final examination at least three weeks in advance of that date. The Graduate Secretary will distribute this information to the Electrical and Computer Engineering faculty.

In addition:

  1. Every student who completes a thesis or dissertation shall submit an abstract, not exceeding one page in length, to the ECpE Student Services Office. The Graduate Secretary will distribute the abstract electronically to the Electrical and Computer Engineering faculty and graduate students.
  2. Records of final exam attendance are maintained in the ECpE Student Services Office to verify the attendance requirement of two final examinations for MS level students or 5 for PhD level students.
  3. Attendance and Publication Requirements for MS (thesis) and PhD Students is a form on our departmental website and needs to be submitted prior to final submission of the thesis or dissertation. A copy of each publication needs to be submitted along with the form. The Supplemental Program of Study Requirements section states the MS (thesis) and PhD publication requirement.

The ECpE Student Services Office will not forward the “Graduate Student Approval Slip for Graduation” for signature approval to the department’s Director of Graduate Studies until the above requirements have been met.

All thesis and dissertation defenses are open to the public and shall include an opportunity for questions from the public. A minimum of one hard copy of the student’s thesis or dissertation shall be deposited in the ECpE Student Services Office prior to submission of the Graduation Approval Slip. Students also are required either to pay a fee for binding the copy or have the theses bound strictly in accordance with standards established by the department. Information relating to the cost of binding and standards can be obtained by contacting the Graduate Secretary and fees will be charged on your university bill.

Revised March 2011