Venkat K. Krishnan


I am currently the lead developer of the National long-term Energy and Transportation infrastructure Planning software, NETPLAN, which was originally initiated by Dr. Eduardo Ibanez under the guidance of Prof. James D. McCalley in 2009 for the $2 million NSF research project, NETSCORE-21 (short for “The 21st Century National Energy and Transportation Infrastructures Balancing Sustainability, Costs, and Resiliency” research project).

NETPLAN is a long-term multi-sector multi-objective national infrastructure planning software, which helps to find the best energy and transportation infrastructure investments for the entire country for the next 40 years in terms of
cost, sustainability, and resilience metrics.

View a poster on NETPLAN for a quick overview.

I have been responsible for developing the following aspects of NETPLAN:
  • Planning for optimal mix of generation portfolio under increasing integration of variable generation- Available online
  • Modeling multi-modal passenger transportation and infrastructure system, and capturing their interdependencies with freight transportation and energy systems- working paper Available online
  • Co-optimization of generation, transmission and other supply resources
  • Modeling storage and demand response within long-term power system capacity planning
  • Modeling bio-renewable infrastructure systems for meeting national electricity and automotive needs using bio-power and bio-fuel respectively

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