Venkat K. Krishnan

Post Doctoral Research Associate (until July/2014)

1124 Coover Hall, Iowa State University
Ames, IA - 50011, USA

Phone: 515-294-7387

Currently at National Renewable Energy Laboratory as Energy System Analyst


Professional Experience

Research Interests

Selected Publications

  1. V. Krishnan, J. McCalley, S. Henry, and S. Issad, “Efficient Database Generation for Decision Tree based Power System Security Assessment,” IEEE Transactions on Power Systems, 2011, Available Online 
  2. V. Krishnan, T. Das, E. Ibanez, C. Lopez, and J. McCalley, “Modeling Operational Effects of Variable Generation within National Long-term Infrastructure Planning Software,” IEEE Transactions on Power Systems, May 2013, Available Online
  3. V. Krishnan, and J. McCalley, “Importance Sampling based Intelligent Test Set Generation for Validating Operating Rules used in Power System Operational Planning,” IEEE Transactions on Power Systems, Aug 2013, Available Online 
  4. V. Krishnan, J. McCalley, S. Lemos, and J. Bushnell, “Nation-wide Transmission Overlay Design and Benefits Assessment for the U S,” Energy Policy, 2013, Available Online 
  5. J. McCalley, V. Krishnan, K. Gkritza, R. Brown, and D. Mejia-Giraldo, “Planning for Long Haul,” IEEE Power and Energy, Sept/Oct 2013,  Available Online

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