Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering


SCM for logical objects in a UML-based development environment

Another prototype is a UML-based object-oriented development environment. We have modified the internal representation of the Thorn UML editor to make it compatible with our structure versioning framework. We used editing services from the SC environment and add versioning supports for UML from Molhado. In this case, the directed graph of the project entity represents the structure of a UML class diagram. Each node in the graph has its component slot referring to a UML class component or a UML interface component. When users open a project, the UML class diagram is displayed in a project structure editor.

  • HTML-style hyperlinks can be created at any method, field, class, or interface in UML diagrams.
  • Logical relationships with Molhado's versioned hypermedia can also be connected to any method, field, class, or interface in UML diagrams.
  • Figure 1 shows an example of versioning for UML diagrams.

Figure 1. Versioning for UML diagrams

Figure 2. Modifying properties of a UML class component