Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering


Stylesheet-based Multiple Presentations for Programs and Documentations

This session's rightmost window shows part of the implementation of an AVLTree class, specifically the simpleLeft method. The source code has been pretty-printed automatically using information from syntax analysis. The details of how the code is pretty-printed are controlled by a simple CSS-like style sheet. Appearing above the method's source code is some multimedia documentation, including a diagram of the simple left rotation operation, a textual description (but not a comment), and buttons that control an audio clip of the implementor explaining details of the implementation. In addition, the developer is able to hide all these multimedia documentation in a program presentation.

On the left, the developer has another window open on the same source code. This window shows the entire class, but using a style sheet that hides the method bodies and multimedia documentation so that only the class interface is visible. This is simply another view of the same information shown in the rightmost window. The two views are different only because they are presented using different style sheets. The developer can edit the document through either window and any changes will appear in both.

The center window shows a design document for the AVLTree class. This window was brought up because the developer clicked on the word ``simpleLeft'' in one of the other windows. This word happens to be a
hyperlink that points to the ``Simple Left Rotation'' heading in the design document. This heading is itself a hyperlink that can be followed back to the simpleLeft method in the source code. The window on top shows the structure of the project at the developer's working version.