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Courses at Iowa State University

CprE310 Discrete Math.

EE321 Continuous Time Signals and Systems

EE324 Signals and Systems-II

EE442-448 Introduction to Circuits and Machines

EE458 Economic Systems for Electric Power Planning

EE/CprE/ComS 571 Discrete Event Systems Control

EE/ME/AeroE/Math 576 Digital Control

EE/ME/AeroE/Math 578 Nonlinear Control

CE412 Formal Aspects of Software Verification


Courses at University of Kentucky

EE221 Circuits-II Syllabus
EE222 Circuits Lab Syllabus
EE321 Continuous Signals and Systems Syllabus MATLAB Exercises Reference Text Resources
EE421 Signals and Systems-I Syllabus
EE422 Signals and Systems-II Syllabus
EE461 Electronic Circuits Homepage Syllabus Lectures
EE462 Electronic Circuits Lab-II Syllabus Lab Manual
EE611 Deterministic Linear Systems Homepage Syllabus
EE613 Optimal Control Syllabus