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    1. Dr. Gunjan Pandey, PostDoc, Spring 2014. (Joined Skyworks, Cedar Rapids, IA.)
    2. Dr. Lucien Ouedraogo, PostDoc, Fall2009-Spring 2012 (Joined MathWorks, Boston, MA)
    3. Dr. Jing Huang, PostDoc, Feb 2009-August 2010 (Joined Freescale, Austin, TX)
    4. Dr. Changyan Zhou, PostDoc, Jan 2008-Oct 2008 (Joined Magnatech Inc, Hartford, CT)
    5. Anupam Bhar, Started Fall 2015 (Agricultural Sysytem Modeling)
    6. Bhuwan Kashyap, Started Fall 2015 (Rhizoshepre Sensing)
    7. Shawana Tabassum, Started Fall 2014 (Plant VOC Sensing)
    8. Mariam Ibrahim, Started Fall 2012 (Secrecy and  Resiliency)
    9. Zhen Xu, Started Spring 2014 (Soil nutrient sensing)
    10.  Hao Ren, Started Fall 2012  (Verification of  Hybrid Systems)
    11.  Gang Wu, Started Fall 2011 (Data  Analytics)
    12. Kanishka A.Singh, "A broadband bistable piezoelectric cantilever-based vibration energy harvester with nonlinear high power extraction",  Dec. 2015, ECE, Iowa State  University. (Joined NextEra Energy, Inc.)
    13. Jun Chen, "Failure Diagnosis and Prognosis in Stochastic Discrete-Event and Cyber-Physical Systems", August 2014, ECE, Iowa State University. (Joined Idaho National Laboratory, Idaho Falls, ID.)
    14. Gungan Pandey, "Development of impedance spectroscopy based in-situ, self-calibrating, on-board sensor with in-built metamaterial inspired small antenna for ionic detection in multi-phase mixtureslike soil ", Feb. 2014, ECE, Iowa State University. (Joined Skayworks, Cedar Rapids, IA.)
    15. Meng Li, "A model-based approach to Automated Test Generation and Error Localization for Simulink/Stateflow", Nov 2013, ECE, Iowa State University. (Joined GE Research, Schenectady, NY)
    16. Herman Sahota, "Wireless sensor network for precision agriculture: Design, Performance Modeling and Evaluation and Node Localization", July 2013, ECE, Iowa State University. (Joined IBM, San Jose)
    17. Saayan Mitra, "I/O Automata based formal approach to Web Services Choreography", Jan 2009, ECE, Iowa State University. (Joined Adobe, San Jose)
    18. Songyan Xu,"Control and diagnosis of real time systems under finite-precision measurement of time", Nov 2010, ECE, Iowa State University. (Joined Rockwell Collins, Cedar Rapids)
    19. Wen Qin,"Fault Tolerance Control of Discrete-Event Systems", March 2009, ECE, Iowa State University. (Joined Statistics & Controls, Des Moines)
    20. Licheng Jin,"Reachability and Model Prediction Based Power System Protection Schemes", March 2009, ECE, Iowa State University. (Joined California ISO, Sacramento)
    21. Jing Huang,"Directed Control of Discrete Event Systems",Feb 2009, ECE, Iowa State Univ. (Joined Virginia Tech as PostDoc)
    22. Changyan Zhou,"Control for Discrete Event Systems for Bisimulation and Simulation Equivalence Specification", May 2006, ECE, Iowa State Univ. (Joined UIUC as Visiting Prof.)
    23. Siddhartha Bhattacharyya, "Hierarchical Hybrid Model Based Design, Verification, Simulation, and Synthesis of Mission Control for Autonomous Underwater Vehicles'', July 2005, ECE, Univ. of KY.
    24. Wenbin Qiu, "Decentralized/distributed failure diagnosis and supervisory control of discrete event systems", May 2005, ECE, Iowa State Univ.
    25. Glenn Westerman, (Part time Ph.D. Student at Univ. of Kentucky).
    26. Jeff Ashley, "Diagnosis of Condition Systems''. February 2004, ECE, Univ. of KY.
    27. Zhongdong Huang, "Rules based Modeling of Discrete Event Systems with Faults and their Diagnosis''. August 2003, ECE, Univ. of KY.
    28. Vigyan Chandra, "New Modeling and Interaction Formalism for Discrete Event Systems and their Control''. April 2002, ECE Univ. of KY.
    29. Shengbing Jiang, "Control and Diagnosis of Discrete Event Systems with Temporal Logic Specifications''. April 2002, ECE, Univ. of KY.

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    1. Lucas Wagner, Started Summer 2003, Employed at Rockwell Collins.
    2. Juan Segal, Started Fall 2005, Employed at Rockwell Collins.
    3. Kim Ni Wang, "A Soil Sensor Graphical User Interface", Dec. 2014.
    4. Daniel Humke, "Analysis of multivariable controller designs for diesel engine air system control", April 2013, Employed at John Deere.
    5. Mattthew Jeschke, "Modern Embedded Systems Design: Survey of Tools, Techniques, and Current Practices" Fall 2007, ECE, Iowa State Univ. (joined Boston Scientific, Minneapolis, MN.)
    6. Gregory P. Stamp, "Software for Discrete Event Systems", Dec. 2006, ECE, Iowa State Univ. (joined Boston Scientific, Minneapolis, MN.)
    7. Joshua M. Olson, "Modeling of a Discrete Event Manufacturing Plant and Design and Implementation of Controller using LabView and Programmable Logic Controllers'', April 2005, ECE, Iowa State Univ. (joined Raytheon, Tuscon, AZ.)
    8. Vigyan Chandra, "Automated Extraction of a Controller from a Supervisor in Discrete Event Systems'', August 2003, Mfg., Univ. of KY. (joined Eastern Kentucky Univ., Richmond, KY as Faculty.) 
    9. Zhen Yu, "Enhancements of CINET Fuzzy Classifier''. April 2003, ECE, Iowa State Univ. (joined Ericsson, San Jose, CA.)
    10.  Siddhartha Bhattacharyya, "Discrete Event System Approach to Network Fault Management''. April 2003, ECE, Iowa State Univ. (joined KY State University as Faculty, currently at Rockwell Collins, Cedar Rapids, IA.)
    11. Huang Zhongdong, "Coal Segregation Control: Meeting Homogeneity Standards''. July 2002, ECE, Univ. of KY. (currently with LHP Software, Indianapolis, IN.) 
    12. Satya R. Mohanty, "On the Design of Controllers for Discrete Event Systems: An Optimization Based Theory''. January 1999, ECE, Univ. of KY. (joined Nokia.)
    13. Shiva Gopala Namburi, "Design and Analysis of Multiprotocol Converter for Multiple Flow Control Protocols: A Discrete Event Systems Approach'', December 1998, ECE, Univ. of KY. (joined Array Networks, Milpitas, CA.) 
    14. Bharath Orunganti, "A Graphical User Interface for Discrete Event Control Algorithms and their Applications''. October 1997, ECE, Univ. of KY. (joined Cadence Design Systems.) 
    15. Vigyan Chandra, "Design, Discrete Event Modeling & Control of a Miniature LEGO Assembly Line''. October 1997, ECE, Univ. of KY. (joined Eastern Kentucky University as Faculty.) 
    16. Manoz G. Krovvidy, "Timed Automaton based Successive Refinement of Digital Circuit Design for Hardware Synthesis''. October 1996, ECE, Univ. of KY. (at Nvidia, Hyderabad.)
    17. Zhonghui Luo, "Load Side Electrical Demand Control''. December 1995, ECE, Univ. of KY.
    18. Sudhir Nelvagal, "Design of Protocol Converters: A Discrete Event Systems Approach''. July 1995, ECE, Univ. of KY. (at GE Healthcare).
    19. Wai Kit Leong, "Autoplacement and Autorouting in Printed Circuit Layout''. June 1995, ECE, Univ. of KY.
    20. Steve Harris, "Temperature Control in Laser Printers''. April 1995, ECE, Univ. of KY. (at Lexmark, Lexington, KY.) 
    21. Ravichander Sekar, "Stability and Tolerance in Discrete Event Systems''. September 1994, ECE, Univ. of KY.
    22. Hok M. Cheung, "Control of Discrete Event Systems Using Limited Lookahead Based on Estimation''. December 1993, ECE, Univ. of KY.
    23. Haomin Li, "Optimal Sequencing for Pick-and-Place Robots''. September 1993, ECE, Univ. of KY. (joined Lexmark, Lexington, KY.) 

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