Fall 2015: EE 520: Special Topics: Statistical Machine Learning

Instructor: Prof Namrata Vaswani email: namrata@iastate.edu

Web link: http://home.engineering.iastate.edu/~namrata/MachineLearning_class/

Time : Tues-Thurs 9:30-10:50

Location: Howe 1220


This will be a special topics / seminars course in which we will discuss some recent works on statistical machine learning algorithms, performance guarantees and applications. One part of the class will be taught by me, the second one will involve term paper presentations by the students. Some topics that will be covered include

-          Review of background needed

o   Probability

o   Linear Algebra

o   Convex optimization

-          Advanced topics on Probability and Linear Algebra (used in papers that we will discuss)

-          Recent work on new algorithms and guarantees for alternating minimization based solutions for various problems: low-rank matrix completion, phase retrieval, etc.

-          Recent work on rankings` and individualized rankings` estimation (collaborative ranking)

-          Key papers on batch and online methods for low-rank matrix completion, robust PCA and sparse recovery and guarantees for the proposed methods

-          Applications in recommendation systems` design / Netflix problem and in computational imaging

This course will be of interest to graduate students from Electrical and Comp Engineering, Mathematics, Statistics, Computer Science, Industrial Engineering and others. Topics can be added based on the studentsí research interests.

Tentative List of Papers (some of these can be used by students for their term paper; more paper suggestions are welcome)

Older EE520 on Matrix Completion and Robust PCA: here, Even older EE520 on Compressive Sensing: here