Wei Lu


    Email: luwei@iastate.edu, greatjackylu@gmail.com

     Office: 3133 Coover Hall, Department of ECE, Iowa State University, Ames, IA, 50011

     Advisor: Dr. Namrata Vaswani

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    Research Area

     Signal Processing, Image and Video Processing, Compressive Sensing and Sparse Reconstruction, Computer Vision,
     Medical Image Processing, Pattern Recognition, Machine Learning, Optimization



    Sept.2006 - Dec. 2011  Ph.D in the Department of Electrical and  Computer Engineering in

                                       Iowa State University                                               GPA:3.83

     Sept.2003 - July 2006   M.E. in the Department of Electronic Engineering and Information Science in

                                       University of Science and Technology of China               GPA:3.8

     Sept.1999 - July 2003   B.E. in the Department of Electrical Engineering in Nanjing University of Posts

                                       and Telecommunications                                                GPA:3.92(top 2/92)



           - Four years experience on image and video compression and restoration, signal processing, compressive sensing and sparse reconstruction,
         functional MRI reconstruction and detection (team leader), optimization

        - Three years experience on image classification, pattern recognition, statistical signal processing

        - Three years experience on image retrieval, machine learning



           - Solid knowledge on image and video processing, signal processing, sparse reconstruction, computer vision, machine learning, pattern recognition,
         optimization, estimation and detection,information retrieval

       - Familiar with image and video compression standard such as JPEG, MPEG

       - Familiar with medical image processing in MRI, CT and ultrasound imaging

        - Strong mathematical ability and programming skills on Matlab/Simulink, C/C++/C#, OpenCV, Visual Studio, R

       - Multiple platforms: Windows, Linux

      Industry experience (detailed in Resume)
    Biotronics Incorporation                                                                       2011 - Present
Algorithm development and implementation of object recognition, detection and segmentation in ultrasound images using image processing theories and statistical methods as well as software development
           using C# for the new algorithms.

     Academic experience (detailed in Resume)

    Research Assistant                                                                           2006 - 2011
     ISU, Department of ECE                                                        Communication and Signal Processing Lab

Image reconstruction and detection with application to functional MR Imaging
       - Image compression with application in video compression and real-time dynamic MRI reconstruction  (Modified Compressive Sensing )
- Pattern recognition and its application to human activity classification and surveillance: reconstruction and detection with application to functional MR Imaging
       - Modeling image sequences and its application to shape tracking of changing objects

    Research Assistant                                                                            2003 - 2006
    USTC, Department of EEIS                                                     Information Processing Center
Image retrival based on subjective feeling
- Remote sensing image retrival

    Research Assistant                                                                            2002 - 2003
   NUPT, Department of EE                                                       Automatic Control Lab
- Control of chaos using time-delayed feedback



    Spring 2008                       Lab Instructor, Signal and System, ISU

     Fall 2006                              Lab Instructor, Digital Signal Processing , ISU

                                            Teaching Assistant, Signal and System, ISU

   Spring 2005                       Teaching Assistant, Digital Logic Circuit, USTC


    Professional Service
     Reviewer for IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing, IEEE Signal Processing Letter, IEEE Intl. Conf. on Image Processing (ICIP) ,
      IEEE Transactions on Broadcasting, IEEE Workshop on Statistical Signal Processing, International Journal of Electronics and Communications
Computational and Mathematical Methods in Medicine, Signal Processing, Journal of Circuit, Systems and Signal Processing