ECpE Building Campaign

ECpE Building AdditionPhase I
Coover Hall, the home of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, received a $16.5 million dollar makeover in 2006-2008, resulting in the new ECpE Building Addition on the west side of Coover Hall. The new addition houses 23,000 square feet of new space for students, including classrooms, academic labs, and research labs. The addition was Phase I of the department’s two-phase project to upgrade its facilities.

Entrance to Coover Hall, which was built in the 1950s

Phase II

Phase II of the Coover Hall Renovations Project is in the planning and fundraising stages. It will involve both new construction and renovations to Coover Hall,which was built in the early 1950s. The plan for Phase II will add 43,000 square feet of new space for:

  • Research labs, including labs for high-speed circuits, wireless communication, and the Internet-Scale Event and Attack and Generation Environment
  • Teaching labs for the Electric Power and Energy systems group, computer forensics, and more
  • Classrooms
  • A permanent space to house the department’s senior design program
  • Faculty, staff, graduate student, and teaching assistant offices

An atrium also will be created by enclosing the courtyard with a glass roof. The atrium will provide a place for students and faculty to gather.

New construction for Phase II is anticipated to take two years, and renovations to Coover Hall such as updating the windows, the air conditioning system, and more will take another two years. The building project is funded by private donors and state funds. Phase II will cost an estimated $24 million.

Supporting the Building Project
The department currently is seeking donors interested in naming opportunities for the buildings, atrium, classrooms, laboratories, and more. Former students who are interested can pool their resources together to name rooms and labs after former faculty members or other alumni. If you’re interested in donating to the ECpE department’s Coover Hall Renovation Project or a naming opportunity, contact the College of Engineering Development Office (515 294-2416,