Research in Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation: Non-invasive, non-surgical TMS of human brain

HOURS: Up to 10 hours per week

PAY: $10/hour

ADVISOR: Prof. David Jiles

TO APPLY: Call or email Dr. Ravi Hadimani. 294-5264, Email:

This undergraduate research opportunity gives students a chance to be directly involved in exciting research at the forefront of developments in bio-magnetics and health care. Students will participate in research in Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) of the human brain with Palmer Department Chair in Electrical and Computer Engineering and Anson Marston Distinguished Professor David. C. Jiles, postdoctoral research associate Ravi Hadimani. In addition, there will be opportunities to see other research projects up-close, including work on magnetic materials for sensor applications, computer simulation of magnetic components, effects of microstructure on magnetic properties, hysteresis models, and magnetic methods for nondestructive evaluation.

The Magnetics Research Group has been awarded grants and contracts supporting a wide variety of research including new materials, new micromagnetic devices for various applications, materials processing methods, instrumentation development, theoretical modeling of magnetic properties, and design of transcranial magnetic stimulation coils using computer simulations and nondestructive evaluation.