Measurement and Modeling of Plasmonic Crystals

Project Title: Measurement and modeling of plasmonic crystals

Project Description: Measure and model periodic plasmonic crystal surfaces in the infrared

Anticipated Student Tasks and Responsibilities: The student will set up the measurement of plasmonic crystal surfaces with infrared characterization measurements. The student will acquire reflection/emission data and graphically represent infrared data.  The student will assist with modeling such systems with Unix based computational codes.

Qualifications: The student should have a background in sophomore level physics. Student must have an interest in measurements in the infrared.

Appropriate Student Majors or Programs: Electrical Engineering (EE); Physics

Hours of Work Offered Per Week: 10 -flexible

Undergraduate Research Assistant Position For: Spring and possibly Summer 2012

Paid or Unpaid: Paid

Professor: Rana Biswas (

How to Apply: Contact the professor directly to apply for this undergraduate research position. with a brief resume.

Deadline to Apply: No deadline