Research Highlights

Iowa State University’s Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECpE) has a strong tradition of research excellence. From developing the encoding process used in nearly all fax machines to inventing the world’s first infant respiratory augmentor to help babies breathe, our faculty and graduate students have made major advancements that impact the technology people all over the world use every day. Today, our faculty and students continue the department’s tradition of research excellence.

Read about how ECpE faculty are:

  • Leading an interdisciplinary project to study how changing gravity levels can affect pathogen resistance. 
  • Building microchips that improve power consumption by behaving like small cities
  • Creating an anonymous file-transfer system with incentive-compatible accountability features
  • Making medical imaging scans shorter and more efficient with modified compressed sensing
  • Studying the physics of instability to create the next generation of solar panels

Research Highlights magazine  The ECpE department publishes an annual Research Highlights magazine that features several of our faculty and students’ recent research achievements. View current issues and download PDF copies of past issues below.