Project Goals

1. Study interdependencies between energy, freight, and passenger transportation systems

2. Identify and model de novo infrastructures

3. The following are goals for this step:

  • a. Formulate multi-commodity network flow
  • b. Develop decomposition techniques
  • c. Provide high-performance computing solutions
  • d. Identify Pareto front of solutions to balance NETSCORE

4. Provide a national blueprint and modeling process: energy policy for state and federal research and investment for the next 40 years

5. Transform engineering educational programs: create new breed of 21st-century engineer having multidisciplinary skills

Meeting Information and Announcements

Project Investigators

James McCalley (Electrical Engineering)

Dionysios Aliprantis (Electrical Engineering)

Robert Brown (Mechanical Engineering)

Nadia Gkritza (Civil Engineering)

Arun K. Somani (Computer Engineering)

Lizhi Wang (Industrial Engineering)

Research Scientists

Graduate Students

Jeff Brown,

Jinxu Ding,

Josh Gifford,

Lizbeth Gonzalez,

Eduardo Ibanez,

Eirini Kastrouni

Steve Lavrenz

Diego Mejia,

Jose Ignacio Villarreal

Di Wu,