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July 05 2012

“NETPLAN Passenger Network Modeling and Simulation” by Venkat Krishnan: pdf

April 23, 2012

“Flex Fuel Polygeneration: Optimizing Cost, Sustainability, and Resiliency” by Matthew Kieffer, Tristan Brown, Robert Brown: pdf

March 5 2012

“Transportation Network Modeling in NETPLAN – Passenger Transportation” by Venkat Krishnan: pdf

January 24 2012

Transmission Design at the National Level: Benefits, Risks and Possible Paths Forward,” by James McCalley: Available Online

PSERC webinar – The Future Grid to Enable Sustainable Energy Systems

July 7 2011

“Assessment Usage of Hydrogen as Alternative Fuels into NETPLAN” by Lizbeth G. Marciagappt

“Alternative Fuel and Advanced Light-duty Vehicles in NETPLAN” by Di Wupdf

June 30 2011

Transportation in NETSCORE21: pdf

June 8 2011

“PSERC-Seminar-JDM0607-2011” by Dr. McCalley: pdf

June 7 2011

“Eduardo’s dissertation” by Eduardo : pdf

June 02 2011

“Modeling Operational Constraints imposed by Renewable Generation within National long-term Infrastructure Planning Software” by Venkat Krishnan: pdf

Apr. 6 2011

“Light-duty Plug-in Electric Vehicles in NETPLAN” by Di Wu: pdf

Mar. 9 2011

“Passenger Transportation” by Eirini: pdf

Nov. 15 2010

Summary of Review Scores and Comments by Diego: doc

Nov. 9 2010

meeting presentation (Assignement1, Video Review) by Dr. McCalley: doc

meeting presentation (Summary of Review Scores and Comments) by Dr. McCalley: doc

Aug. 18 2010

NETSCORE21 project meeting slides by Dr. McCalley: ppt

Aug. 4 2010

Disscussion about sustainability and resiliency

Slides by Dr. McCalley about the big picture and brief summary:  ppt

Slides by Di Wu about PEV:  ppt

Slides by Dr. Wang about metrics:  ppt

Slides by Josh about S & R:  ppt

Slides by about Lizbeth about R & S aspects: ppt

June 23 2010

The NETPLAN model in-depth presentation and Data nomenclature by Eduardo: pdf, doc

June 18  2010

The Markal-times model presentation by Jose Villarreal : ppt

June 9  2010

The NEMS model presentation by Qihui Qi : ppt

June 2  2010

The Rail presentation by Jeffrey Brown : ppt

May 27  2010

“Electrification of railroad” by Aikaterini Rentziou and Jeff Brown : doc

May 27  2010

Meeting presentation May 27 2010 by Aikaterini Rentziou : ppt

May 27  2010

Thesis May 19 2010 Aikaterini Rentziou by : pdf

May 19  2010

“Uncertainty and Planning: NETSCORE21 Case” by Diego Mejia-Giraldo: ppt

May 5  2010

Meeting slides May 5 2010 by Yang Gu: ppt

Apr. 28 2010

“Electric Energy and Power Consumption by Light-Duty Plug-in Electric Vehicles” by Di Wu: pdf

Apr. 21 2010

Meeting slides April 21 2010 by Dr. McCalley: ppt

Meeting slides April 21 2010 by Josh Gifford: ppt

Meeting slides April 21 2010 by Eduardo: ppt

Nov.  17  2009

Meeting slides for NSF review by Dr. McCalley:  ppt

Oct. 28  2009

Meeting slides from August by Eduardo and Dr. McCalley: pdf

Oct. 22  2009

Meeting slides from Dr. McCalley: ppt

Meeting slides from Josh (Technology Evaluation): ppt

Jul. 20  2009

Planning, Markets and Investment in the Electric Supply Industry
PSERC Executive Forum  March 7, 2008 : pdf

Jun. 24  2009 some helpful documnents

Energy Security and Climate Stewardship Platform for the Midwest 2007 : pdf

National Energy policy Recommendation : pdf

May 20  2009 retreat day

meeting slides of agenda:  ppt

meeting notes: doc

meeting slides of graduate students:

Modeling Algortihms: pdf

Operational Assesment: pdf

Electric_Transportation: pdf

Transportation_Sector: pdf

Existing infrastructure data: pdf


Technology evaluation : pdf

parallelization, data and model : pdf

Uncertainty in power system and basic model formulation : pdf

May 11  2009

May 11 meeting slides for duties of graduate students: ppt

Apr. 30  2009

Monthly Meeting slides: ppt

Apr. 14, 2009

Graduate Student Meeting Slides: pdf
and minutes: pdf

Apr. 9, 2009

Meeting Slides Only: ppt | pdf

Apr. 2, 2009

Graduate student meeting minutes: pdf

Mar. 26, 2009

Presentation slides:

Iowa Transportation: pdf

Policies: pdf

NSF EFRI Grantees Conference slides (March 5-6): pdf

Feb. 2009

Meeting Slides Only: ppt | pdf

“Impact on PHEVs on Electricity Demands” by Di Wu: pdf

Dec. 17, 2008

Meeting Slides Only: pdfppt

Oct. 30, 2008

Kick-off meeting video presentations and slides

Meeting Slides Only: ppt | pdf

National Energy and Transportation Systems Paper: pdf