Researchers in the Bioengineering Research Group develop innovative micro- and nanoscale devices and materials for the study of biological entities such as microorganisms, cells, proteins, DNA, and single molecules. The use of nanotechnology, combined with our state-of-art computational and imaging tools, enable us to pursue cutting-edge research in this research area.

The department is home to three bioengineering and biomedical research laboratories.

Current Research Areas

  • Microfluidic manipulation of single cells
  • MEMS technology for plant parasites
  • Biophotonics
  • Ultrasound technologies for tissue engineering
  • Carbon nanotube technologies for energy harvesting
  • Novel organic and silicon solar cells
  • Biological image-processing and patter recognition
  • VLSI and mathematical modeling of gene regulatory circuits
  • Bioinformatics

Faculty in This Group

  • Timothy Bigelow
  • Julie Dickerson
  • Liang Dong
  • Jayeoun Kim (group chair)
  • Santosh Pandey
  • Long Que
  • Namrata Vaswani
  • Meng Lu

Research Centers