Transfer Students

Transferring to a new school can seem overwhelming, but at Iowa State University’s Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECpE) you will find a patient and helpful staff of advisers waiting to help answer your questions.

How to Apply

Students are admitted to Iowa State University through the Transfer Admissions Office. The Transfer Admissions Office website provides all the information you will need, except for detailed course transfer process that you will work on with your major department.

The Basic Transfer Process

To make your transfer process go smoothly, the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering recommends students majoring in electrical, computer, or software engineering do the following:

  1. After being fully accepted to Iowa State University and the College of Engineering, contact the ECpE department’s Student Services Office. The academic advisers in this office will review your academic records and estimate how many credits the department will accept into our program.
  2. Bring all the books, syllabi, course notes, homework, tests, and quizzes from the classes you want to transfer to Iowa State with you when you arrive on campus. This will help you get as many courses as possible counted toward your degree program at Iowa State. At a minimum, bring the syllabus from each course you would like to transfer.
  3. Attend the Transfer Orientation. At this orientation, you will get an opportunity to meet with your academic adviser and talk about courses you want to transfer to Iowa State. ECpE Advisers follow Transfer Course Evaluations rules to help you get as many courses applied to your degree program as possible. Your adviser also will prepare you to register for classes. Additionally, at the orientation you will be asked to take a Math Placement Exam, unless you already have credit for Calculus I and II. You also will be asked to take an English Placement Exam, unless you already have credit in English 150 and 250.

Transfer Information for International Students

The Department of Electrical and Computer offers a welcoming environment for international students. In fact, the department has two special programs that allow students to take their first two years of courses at certain universities in India and China and then transfer to Iowa State for their final two years of study:

International transfer students follow the same rules as other transfer students (see Basic Transfer Process above).

Here are a few more resources for international transfer students:

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