Take Your Adventure Home

What is Take Your Adventure Home?

Take Your Adventure Home is an outreach program designed to pay the transportation costs for ECpE students to go back to their hometown high school to share their “adventure” at Iowa State University and in ECPE with students, teachers, and counselors. By using ECpE Student Ambassadors, we hope to provide high school students with an authentic view of study and life at Iowa State.

When can I go back to talk to students at my hometown high school?

As an ECpE Student Ambassador, you can choose when you want to go to your hometown high school (either fall or spring semester). It is fine if you want to talk to high school students over the spring break or other semester breaks.

What transportation costs will be covered?

If your high school is in the state of Iowa, we will pay your transportations costs to and from your high school. If your high school is out of state, we will pay for transportation costs up to 430 miles.

What is the time commitment?

You will need to:

  • Attend a one-hour training session
  • Contact your high school teacher or counselor to set-up the presentation date and time
  • Conduct a one-hour presentation to a high school class (you can choose to do more classes if you have time)

What is the format of the presentation to high school students?

  • Presentations will be informal in front of a high school classroom. You will be discussing your academic experience and answering questions about ECpE.
  • ECpE Student Services will provide materials about ECpE to hand out.

What kind of training is provided in the one-hour training session?

Student Services will:

  • Give you information you can use to talk to high school students
  • Go over questions you might be asked
  • Provide you with materials you can use during your presentation
  • Make sure you feel comfortable with the information you are presenting