Credit Hours

All on-campus graduate students in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECpE) are required to be registered for no fewer than 12 credit hours per semester, or 6 credit hours during summer session, for any semester or session in which they are enrolled. Exceptions to this requirement are:

  1. During their first semester on-campus, students should register for no fewer than nine credits.
  2. During their last semester on-campus, students who are on an assistantship for less than 3 months (or 6 weeks for summer term) may register for a minimum number of credits if approved by their major professor. The student shall inform the ECpE Graduate Secretary before registering to ensure that the ISU Graduate College is notified. The student will be billed for a full course load if the Graduate College is not notified. International students also must complete a reduced course load form available through the International Students and Scholars website.
  3. Self-supported on-campus students may register for a minimum number of credits at anytime if approved by their major professor.

It is the responsibility of the individual graduate student to ensure that registration meets this standard and that all necessary approvals are documented.

Revised March 2011